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ISRAEL - "The Glory of All Lands " - Apostle Nick Magola , The Terminator.

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ISRAEL - The Glory of All Lands - 5 books Altogether

This book “Israel, The Glory of All Lands’’is a scholarly exploration into the history and promises that affect our lives and shapes our future. The author has captured the distinctiveness of this nation-state that the Lord our God called “ The Glory of All Lands. The land of the Prophets, the Land of prophecies, Israel is also the Land of Judges, the Land of the New Testament and certainly, the Land of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The author details the prophecies that have already come to pass and those that are yet to be fulfilled which prophecies give us a glimpse into the future; a future that those who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour will enjoy His presence for all eternity.

About the Author

Apostle Nick Magola, popularly known as “The Terminator”, is the founder of King of Kings
International Ministry and the Sandton Prophetic college. Trained in Holland by Billy Graham in evangelism and groomed by Derek Prince, one of the worlds great Bible scholars, Apostle Nick Magolaholds a Master Degree from North Carolina College of Theology,USA.

He is a Prophetic Apostle whom God has used mightily for His work in spreading the gospel around the world and more specifically, to raise men and women of influence in business, politics and of course, in ministry.